Saturday, May 31, 2008

End of May 2008

Just finished a Biography of Aaron Burr. The founding fathers in a different light.

“Really, Master Burr", Plumer sniped in his journal, “you need a ferule , or birch, to enforce your lectures on polite behavior."

Pgs 276-277

Fallen Founder The Life of Aaron Burr

Nancy Isenberg

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beer Competition

Kelso Nut Brown Lager( Via a Growler - i.e. a take-out tap brew), a micro-brew
Schaefer,America's Oldest Lager Beer, established in the U.S. in1842.

Here is a link to the old Schaefer Jingle.

Kelso is made in Brooklyn.

And, the Winner is: Kelso by more than a nose. The Nut Brown has a lot of flavor and a bit of an alcohol bite. The Schaefer is wet, cold, drinkable. Sort of like Coronas, so I put some Lime in it.

From Kelso's web site: Nut Brown Lager: A delicious nut brown lager, made with German Munich malts and a generous amount of Pacific NW hops for a full malt flavor, spicy hop background, and a clean, crisp finish. 5.75% alc/vol.

Schaefer has a 4.6 % alc/vol. It has inspired :
"Ode to a Can of Schaefer Beer," by Poet Campbell McGrath who describes it as "tasting of metal and crisp water. " I agree.

The Twelve pack of Schaefer was $6.99. The Gallon of Kelso was $11.99.

On to the BBQ - Sausage, Chicken Thighs (Jerk Style), Burgers and Salad. Washed down with Kelso , Schaefer and Pinot Noir.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17, 2008

Inspired by today's NYT Crossword, I took a side trip to McSorley's.

Turkey ,Onion and Cheddar sandwich- a bargain at $3.00.

The Greenmarket is crowded because of the construction on 17th street. But, Asparagus are available.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Greenmarket or Farmer's Market is my usual weekend expedition.

Summer is a coming and the to do list includes Shakespeare in the Park(Hamlet and Hair - what a combo !) and the Big Apple BBQ fest in Madison Square Park on June 7 and 8. New York City is experiencing a BBQ explosion. is worth a visit.