Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013

Yesterday was Shakespeare in the Park day and lunch was at Mighty Quinn's. Their Pulled Pork is very good. I had it "Naked" with no bread. Allagash Black was the Ale for the day.

Beautiful night in the park. Picnic by the pond.

The Comedy of Errors was decent. Really liked Skipp Sudduth (Duke/Luce) who played a double role and was quite funny in both.

The "Swing" dancing throughout the play was great. The play began with the Tom-Tom beats of The Benny Goodman Orchestra - Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing.)

"Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)" is a 1936 song, written by Louis Prima and first recorded by him with the New Orleans Gang.

Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Decoration Day from the Civil War was the Genesis of Memorial Day.

Yesterday, the Forest Hills Greenmarket had Fish from the Pura Vida Boat. Picked up some Mako Shark and Swordfish. Grilled it with Olive Oil and Oregano and Pepper.

"Radiches" !

Picked up this Biography of Cardinal Richelieu. However, I can't get the Monty Python sketch out of my mind:

Counsel: Er, you are Cardinal Armand du Piessis de Richelieu, First Minister of Louis XIII?

Cardinal: Oui.

Counsel: Cardinal, would it be fair to say that you not only built up the centralized monarchy in France but also perpetuated the religious schism in Europe?

Cardinal: (modestly) That's what they say.

Counsel: Did you persecute the Huguenots?

Cardinal: Oui.

Counsel: And did you take even sterner measures against the great Catholic nobles who made common cause with foreign foes in defence of their feudal independence?

Cardinal: I sure did that thing.

I had 20% off Barnes and Noble coupons and this one was too good to pass up. Great thing about re-issues is Bonus tracks.

All over town are the new Bicycle racks. This one in front of Barnes and Noble.

P.E. and D.D. Seafood for fresh tuna. Grilled with Olive Oil, Pepper and Oregano. Greek Style, so I got a little Feta Cheese.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26, 2013

Wow, the Yankees win yesterday was awesome. These guys are the Cardiac kids this year. The New Yorker cover from April 8th notwithstanding.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 25, 2013

Just read this Biography of J.D. Salinger by Paul Alexander. Interesting stuff. There is a new movie and a Biography coming out soon supposedly with incredible revelations. I guess it will be like looking at a wreck, you don't want to but your curiosity will win out. This author's thesis is that Salinger's isolation was in itself a calculated publicity stunt to further his allure.

Picked this one up at the library, some interesting recipes. Will be testing a few out this weekend.

Also at the Library, Hitchcock. I always wanted to see San Francisco based on seeing Vertigo. Maybe someday I will go there.

Beer for the weekend is Sam Adams Summer Ale.

Lousy weather, time for indoor BBQ. George Foreman Grill with Sausages, Sliders and Hot Dogs. Doing a Lemon marinade for oven-baked Chicken Thighs. Sides are salad and BBQ Beans with Bourbon.

Heard this on XM Radio today, what a treat. The Nearness of You by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Written by Ned Washington and Hoagy Carmichael.

Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013

O friends, no more these sounds!
Let us sing more cheerful songs,
more full of joy!

Joy, bright spark of divinity,
Daughter of Elysium,
Fire-inspired we tread
Thy sanctuary.

Thy magic power re-unites
All that custom has divided,
All men become brothers
Under the sway of thy gentle wings.

Whoever has created
An abiding friendship,
Or has won
A true and loving wife,
All who can call at least one soul theirs,
Join in our song of praise;
But any who cannot must creep tearfully
Away from our circle.

All creatures drink of joy
At nature's breast.
Just and unjust
Alike taste of her gift;

She gave us kisses and the fruit of the vine,
A tried friend to the end.
Even the worm can feel contentment,
And the cherub stands before God!

Gladly, like the heavenly bodies
Which He set on their courses
Through the splendor of the firmament;
Thus, brothers, you should run your race,
As a hero going to conquest.

You millions, I embrace you.
This kiss is for all the world!

Brothers, above the starry canopy
There must dwell a loving Father.

Do you fall in worship, you millions?
World, do you know your creator?

Seek him in the heavens;
Above the stars must He dwell.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Hamish Linklater as twins ? I guess hats and costumes can pull it off. Going to see Comedy of Errors next week. One big change for this short play :starts at 8:30 p.m. and no intermission.

Note: see comments for correction.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 19, 2013

Great , awesome come-back, but this block was the game. Props to Indy, they held on and I'm rooting for them to Beat the Heat.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18, 2013

Let's Go Knicks ! Got two playoff towels and a playoff shirt. We need a big all out effort tonight. Who will step up ?

Today is the dance parade down Broadway. Lots of cops and lots of funny dressed people.

A street fair on Ave of Americas and this place was giving out free wings. Very tasty, so I bought twelve to go.


This was my destination. Mike Rodriguez, a pit master who spent years tending the smokehouse at Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas is the Pit-Master. I have to say the Burritos were delicious and the smoke flavor was the reason.

Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

Carmelo Anthony and Chris Copeland made the difference. Well, and George Hill out with a concussion. We'll take, Let's go Knicks !

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013

Indiana plays great defense,they also foul a lot with no calls. That's playoff B-Ball. Time for Knicks to show pride and get back in it. I think it is pick and roll time at MSG.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day. No more Mothers for me, will celebrate anyway with Mimosas, Godiva and Egg Sandwiches. Happy Mother's Day Mom and the Mother of my children. I love you both, and I miss you both.

What a horrible game. Slow and half-court sets. Not the way for the Knicks. Adjustments and defensive rebounding should fix this, if not, then we are in trouble.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11, 2013

New Sculpture at Union Square. Lotus by Korean artist Jaehyo Lee. To create the piece, individual wood pieces were carved, burned, and shaped to a steel armature.

Madison Square Eats has a lot of good food and drinks.

Mayhem and Stout was real tasty. Had a Greenport Duck Porter to go with it.

The line at the Flagship Shake Shack was small, so I tried it. Great Fries and Shake, better than average Burger. Short line to pay, ten minute wait for food. Wait was worth it, reminded me of old-time places at the beach but of higher quality. Five Guys has the Best Fries, these are a close second.

Real nice setting to eat in, will be back here in June for the Big Apple BBQ Festival.

Tomorrow is the Season 26 finale. This one looks like Cochran will win.

Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013

Brood II Cicadas will be out in force shortly. Their chirps will fill the air with that weird buzzing type noise. Magicicada septendecim chirps are mating calls.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 8, 2013

What a game ! Iman Shumpert's put-back dunk was awesome. Pablo put a spark in the run and Carmelo finished it. Charles Barkley and Shaq wrote off the Knicks at half-time. Good thing that the game is four quarters.

Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Beautiful day on Saturday. Went wandering around.

Had to go to a Lunch in the Village, passed by this statue of Garibaldi in Washington Square Park.

Villa Mosconi on Macdougal Street was the destination. Old School Italian place, food was very good. Macdougal Street is so different, but the "Cafe Wha?" is still there. Wiki tells me the street was named after Alexander McDougall. The difference in spelling is attributed to Scottish variances and the fact his father went by Macdougal.

Since Raffetto's was nearby, had to pick up some fresh ravioli.

Next was the High Line. Lots of places to eat and drink including Delaney BBQ. The street performers were different, a little artsy.

Place was packed. Still, some nice things to see.

Unusual sculpture.

Road to nowhere.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 4, 3013

This was the Threeball that clinched it. Like all good scorers, Carmelo wiped out the bad previous shots ( 19 straight missed 3-pointers over last three games) and knocked this one down. This was a TEAM win.

Word of the day: DAP. It is usually included in NBA Pre-Game Rituals. According to the Urban Dictionary, it has evolved from: The knocking of fists together.

Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013

The Knicks are a great road team. Time to re-live the 40th Anniversary of beating the Celtics in a game seven at Boston Garden by the 72 -73 Championship Knicks.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2, 2013

Now is the time for Carmelo to step up. JR Smith was awful last night missing his first ten shots. Reminded me of John Starks against Houston, take him out when it is not working. Time for a gut check.