Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 18, 2014

Heineken is the weekend beer, $12.99 a twelve pack. Not my favorite but a good, clean taste. Will go good with chili dogs and football.

Family gathering today to celebrate a cousin's speed limit birthday. Should be fun but lots of driving involved.

My iomega 500 GB external hard drive fell on the floor, carpeted no less, and it went south on me. I took it to my local computer store and they were able to transfer all my files. They could fix it or just put everything on a new one. They recommended and I went with WD( Western Digital) My Passport 500 GB for $75, transfer of data included. It is a neat piece of hardware, smaller and is bus-powered, meaning you only need one cable for both data and power. I will probably use it for work too.

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