Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 27, 2016

Lunch the other day, pretty good stuff.

The Maltese Falcon available on-demand. I've seen it countless times but keep going back. The book has an interesting side-trip of no value to the plot except the insights it gives to Sam Spade: referred to as The Flitcraft Parable.

"The life he knew was a clean, orderly, sane, responsible affair. Now a falling beam had shown him that life was fundamentally none of these things. He, the good citizen-husband-father, could be wiped out between office and restaurant by the accident of a falling beam. He knew then that men died at haphazard like that, and lived only while blind chance spared them."

Bush and Stockton. Where Miles Archer was shot.

More specific: Burrit Alley, just off Bush Street above the Stockton Tunnel.

Star Trek Beyond is on tap for tonight. First two were watchable.

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