Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11, 2013

New Sculpture at Union Square. Lotus by Korean artist Jaehyo Lee. To create the piece, individual wood pieces were carved, burned, and shaped to a steel armature.

Madison Square Eats has a lot of good food and drinks.

Mayhem and Stout was real tasty. Had a Greenport Duck Porter to go with it.

The line at the Flagship Shake Shack was small, so I tried it. Great Fries and Shake, better than average Burger. Short line to pay, ten minute wait for food. Wait was worth it, reminded me of old-time places at the beach but of higher quality. Five Guys has the Best Fries, these are a close second.

Real nice setting to eat in, will be back here in June for the Big Apple BBQ Festival.

Tomorrow is the Season 26 finale. This one looks like Cochran will win.

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