Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Beautiful day on Saturday. Went wandering around.

Had to go to a Lunch in the Village, passed by this statue of Garibaldi in Washington Square Park.

Villa Mosconi on Macdougal Street was the destination. Old School Italian place, food was very good. Macdougal Street is so different, but the "Cafe Wha?" is still there. Wiki tells me the street was named after Alexander McDougall. The difference in spelling is attributed to Scottish variances and the fact his father went by Macdougal.

Since Raffetto's was nearby, had to pick up some fresh ravioli.

Next was the High Line. Lots of places to eat and drink including Delaney BBQ. The street performers were different, a little artsy.

Place was packed. Still, some nice things to see.

Unusual sculpture.

Road to nowhere.

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