Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15, 2013

I am going shopping today for some items: Golf Clubs, new desktop computer and some Barnes and Noble stuff. Sort of a Father's day jaunt and some Mad Money coming next week. Also, some real nice discount coupons that expire tomorrow. Funny, you put in "Shopping" in image search and you get almost exclusively Women. I know they like shopping but us men do too. My wife certainly enjoyed it and also loved shopping on-line. They also enjoy the hunt for stuff more than men do, I know what I want before I go, I usually don't make improvised purchases.

Godiva Liqueur Truffles for tomorrow.

Went on a spree. Staples had this Desktop at 50% off. My old desktop is on its last legs.

Barnes and Noble discount coupons. The reviews on this one have not been great. Nevertheless, a continuing interest so I got it.

So far this 50th Anniversary album is pretty good.

Was going to buy a set of Ping clubs. I went to Sports Authority and bought a set of 845 Hybrids by Tommy Armour. The Salesman was a golfer and really helped me in what I bought. Picked up some matching woods and wedges and bought a new pair of Golf shoes. I don't think I will be playing a lot but when I do , I am outfitted. This set was a lot cheaper and still fits my needs. If I start playing a lot, I can always upgrade.

Also bought a new suit. Hickey-Freeman. Wasn't cheap but it was what I was looking for. A tan, cotton, Summer Suit.

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