Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 9, 2013 -Big Apple BBQ

Turned out to be a nice day. The Beer garden had Shiner Bock on tap, the Cue was great and the lines weren't bad. All in all a great day and lots of BBQ in the fridge right now. Had to spend the $100 from the fast pass.

Had five different Ribs, Still like Baker's the best.

The biggest surprise was Brisket from Dinosaur BBQ. It was my personal favorite. The Salt Lick Brisket with Sausage was very good too.

Pimento ready to go into a cheese mix with Saltines and Sausage from Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q. My BBQ calendar had a quote from Mike Mills (his 17th Street Bar and Grill Ribs were fabulous) on the use of Saltine Crackers from his book Peace, Love and Barbecue : "[In the early 1900s, cotton pickers in Texas] got their daily food from the meat markets. The meat markets served up the barbecue on sheets of butcher paper , and the workers would buy other items from the store to eat with it: cheese, saltine crackers, white bread, jalapeƱos and pickles."

Ed Mitchell still has a great sandwich:"Whole Hog Cue." This year the festival has four Whole Hog sellers.

This was the Skylight Inn "Whole Hog" BBQ. Guy was good with the cleavers. Posted a video of him yesterday. Scott's "Whole Hog" was served on white bread with pork rinds sprinkled on top.

By far the biggest line was the Salt Lick booth. I scoped out the regular line and saw that it moved faster than the Fast Pass line. Good stuff , worth the wait and they gave you little pieces of Brisket while you waited.

My Laptop purchase at Best Buy resulted in a $35 coupon. Bought this and two bargain based CDs : KC and the Sunshine Band and The Stevie Ray Vaughan collection from Scorsese's Blues.

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