Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12, 2014

I let my membership lapse. I like it for the discounts and free shipping. I renewed, received a new card and number. It was a hassle getting the new # registered to my online account but finally was able to do it. I received a bunch of welcome coupons which will be used today. Books and DVDs seem likely.

Greenmarket still pretty sparse but picked up seafood for linguini.

Positively 7th Street for me today: Luke's lobster , Porchetta, McSorley's and a quick trip to 6th street to Mighty Quinn's.

Prices are from another era.

American Hustle looks up my alley. Getting it made my $5 off coupon viable. That was after 40% off as a member.

The Wolf of Wall Street,bought the book and the DVD.

Porchetta makes a small but very tasty sandwich.

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