Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 31, 2016

The opening of Twilight Zone: The Movie is great. Nice touch having do the movie's narration. I may lose SyFy in the middle of the marathon due to a dispute between Spectrum and NBC.

Kick the Can directed by Steven Spielberg is the best segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie. One character paraphrases Hamlet:"There is a destiny that shapes our ends, rough hewn though it may be."

Actual quote: Hamlet, Act V, scene II

HAMLET: Sir, in my heart there was a kind of fighting,
That would not let me sleep: methought I lay
Worse than the mutines in the bilboes. Rashly,
And praised be rashness for it, let us know,
Our indiscretion sometimes serves us well,
When our deep plots do pall: and that should teach us
There's a divinity that shapes our ends,
Rough-hew them how we will,--

Sherlock Season 4 starts tomorrow night on PBS.

Cocktail franks and knishes from Knish Nosh.

Amazon cut the price to $24 so I grabbed it. My refund should be about $2,500. But, I pay through the nose all year. I owed over $3,000 last year, and that made me change my withholding's.

$25 win !

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