Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 29, 2017

Google sent me Birthday wishes.

Pepsi too, also the blood center.

Bloody Mary time.

I am very tired of the "Snow Date" Mercedes Benz TV ad but I was captured by the music playing in the background:“Make You Feel My Love” by Sleeping At Last.

Here's the full song, Adele also does a fine version. Written by Bob Dylan.

Had Strozzapreti ( "priest-choker" or "priest-strangler") at Baita last night. Wiki explains:

There are several legends to explain the name.

One is that gluttonous priests were so enthralled by the savory pasta that they ate too quickly and choked themselves, sometimes to death. Another explanation involves the "azdora" ("housewife" in the Romagna's dialect), who "chokes" the dough strips to make the strozzapreti: "... in that particular moment you would presume that the azdora would express such a rage (perhaps triggered by the misery and difficulties of her life) to be able to strangle a priest!" Another legend goes that wives would customarily make the pasta for churchmen as partial payment for land rents (In Romagna, the Catholic Church had extensive land properties rented to farmers), and their husbands would be angered enough by the venal priests eating their wives' food to wish the priests would choke as they stuffed their mouths with it. The name surely reflects the diffuse anticlericalism of the people of Romagna and Tuscany.

Another possible explanation is that the pasta resembles a clerical collar, commonly referred to as a "Priest Choker".

Gift cards from above, will have to hit the internet.

1984 DVDs from Amazon. In the 1956 version the character O'Brien( Played by ) is re-named O'Connor, possibly to avoid confusion with Edmund O'Brien.

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