Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4, 2012

William Manchester and Paul Reid: The Last Lion: Win­ston Spencer Churchill, Defender of the Realm 1940-1965. Read the first two volumes, might as well try the third even though Paul Reid had to work off Manchester's drafts.

The NYT FiveThirtyEight Blog by Nate Silver has President Obama's chances of winning the Electoral College at 85.1% and Governor Romney at 14.9%. Watched the Sunday Morning shows and everyone says this is a close race. What is the signal, What is the Noise ? I'm going with Mr. Silver. Hope this isn't confirmation bias.

Forest Hills Greenmarket was busy.

Gasoline is a real issue in Queens. Most stations have NYPD presence and about a four hour wait. I was lucky, twenty minutes because I saw an opportunity.

Trees down all around.

This one was dangerous, so I called 311.

Saw this on the way to dropping off clothes at a local church. The gym was filled with supplies and clothes. All going to the Rockaways, Queens Ground Zero, includes Breezy Point.

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