Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1, 2015

I don't like either team. I'm rooting for the food.

Barnes and Noble had a buy one get 50% off your second one DVD/Blu-Ray sale. I bought the extended editions of the first two Hobbit films. I don't have a working DVD, misplaced the cord while moving. And, the Smaug film only came in Blu-Ray. I figured that I would play it on my computer but found out that Windows 8 doesn't have the player, Windows 7 does. I saw that both could be streamed and that did the trick.

Flixster is my streaming service now. Set it up through my Roku stick. Good quality.

Filed my taxes today, a bit of a delay with the activation code. I was waiting for an internet chat and a phone call and both took forever. While waiting I tried Google and the answer was go to your acceptance E-Mail for the code. Looked, and there it was. The program had filled-in the code for the software not the filing fee code.

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